Instant Funding

Transfer money instantly, easily, and securely with our turn-key funding solution.

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How Does Instant Funding Work?

Whether you’re a business that needs to make and accept payments quickly or a lender who needs a faster, more secure way to get money into a borrower’s hands, instant funding technology makes it easier than ever to originate loans or disburse and collect funds.

As fully standalone systems, instant funding disbursement platforms bypass the complex processing regulations associated with many lending institutions and the ACH network. They instead leverage virtual card technology to deliver funds through Visa and Mastercard networks or dedicated mobile fin-tech applications within a matter of seconds. Available 24/7/365 through an easy-to-implement payment gateway, instant funding allows borrowers to pay back loans conveniently while also providing lenders with a trove of data that helps them to manage accounts and optimize lending services.

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What Can Instant Funding Do For Your Business?

Instant funding takes advantage of multiple transfer and processing options to disburse faster and more securely than more traditional methods.

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Transfer More Money, Faster

Funds delivered over the ACH network or by eCheck can still take a day or more to clear. When speed is critical, instant funding technology can help your business distribute funds in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re making a time-sensitive payment or need money into a borrower’s hands immediately so they can capitalize on an opportunity, instant funding ensures that you’ll never leave anyone waiting to receive a disbursement.

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Better Data Means Better Decisions

Unlike other forms of transfer, instant funding is built upon brand new digital infrastructure that provides the data you need to make your lending and borrowing as efficient as possible. Find out how borrowers use their loans or set up repayments on a schedule that meets the needs of your lender by reviewing key funding metrics.

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No Card? No Bank Account? No problem.

Instant funding utilizes virtual card technology that allows borrowers to access funds 24/7/365. Even if a borrower doesn’t have access to a credit card or a bank account, you can still disburse funds over the Visa/Mastercard network to get them the money they need and begin building your business relationship with them.

Transcend Pay Instant Funding

Our revolutionary payment processing technology allows you to manage Instant Funding disbursements quickly and easily for both low-risk merchant accounts and high-risk merchant accounts. Whether you’re using our dedicated merchant gateway portal, integrating your existing payment system with our robust API, or installing the Tpay portal on your website, Transcend Pay has the payment processing solutions to make your Instant Funding transfers easier than ever.

  • No reserve requirements. 
  • No hidden processing fees.
  • Fast implementation.
  • Integrate Instant Funding with your CRM and ACH systems.
  • Access Virtual Credit Card technology; no Visa/Mastercard required.
  • We approve 99% of high-risk merchant accounts.
  • Same-day pre-approvals.

Take Your Payment Processing to the Next Level

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