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    How Electronic Check (eCheck) Processing Works

    Writing a check and balancing a checkbook used to be essential practices for every business. Today’s checking account, however, is more likely to be completely electronic. Millions of people utilize eCheck technology to send payments over the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) network without involving credit card issuers or the hassle of delivering a physical check through the mail.

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    A form of electronic funds transfer (EFT) technology, eChecks are a digital representation of traditional paper checks.

    An eCheck transaction provides the checking account number and the bank’s routing number to rapidly transfer funds from one bank to another. Unlike debit cards, eChecks don’t involve a credit card issuer, which means they cost much less to process.

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    Sending an electronic check eliminates many of the challenges associated with their physical counterparts.

    Funds are verified and processed within days, completely eliminating the time it takes for a mailed check to arrive at its destination and then be deposited into the recipient’s account. With eCheck payments, you can stop worrying about whether you’ll have enough money in your account to cover the check you wrote two weeks ago or whether the check you just received from a customer will bounce when you try to deposit it.

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    eCheck payments are easy to process and track, allowing you to get a more accurate picture of your finances.

    At Transcend Pay, we’re committed to full transparency when it comes to our merchant account gateways for eCheck processing. We show you exactly what you’re paying for each transaction: no hidden fees and no sneaky reserve deductions.

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    Why eCheck Processing Matters For Your Business

    The ability to process electronic payments is an essential function of any business in today’s digital landscape. Between security concerns and higher processing fees, credit cards aren’t the preferred payment method for many companies and customers.

    You may also work with vendors who still prefer to receive payment by check. Thanks to eCheck processing technology, you can ensure that your business can make and accept any form of payment necessary.

  • Bypass ACH Return
  • Bypass ACH Return Thresholds

    Although direct ACH payments are quick and convenient, they also carry a 15% return threshold restriction that often penalizes high-risk merchant accounts that experience higher than average returns (after all, that’s what makes them high-risk in the first place!).

    Electronic checks utilize the ACH network, but because account information remains with the banks involved, the ACH assumes no risk for returns. That means high-risk merchants can utilize eCheck payments without having to worry about losing their payment processing capabilities due to a few unexpected returns.

  • Get Paid Faster
  • Get Paid (and Pay Others) Faster

    With electronic check payment processing, you can both deliver and receive payments quickly and easily. No more last-minute trips to the Post Office because you don’t have any stamps to send a check in the mail. And with eCheck payments deposited directly into your merchant account, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of a check before you make your way to the bank to cash it.

  • Recurring eCheck
  • Recurring eCheck Payments

    Thanks to eCheck processing, you can set up regular payments to make sure you’re paying your employees, vendors, and other business expenses on a schedule that works for your business. Eliminate the hassle of managing payments every month so you can spend more time helping your business grow.

  • Enhanced Security
  • Enhanced Security

    Everyone has a story about a physical check being stolen, lost, or damaged in transit. Thanks to completely electronic payment processing with eChecks, you’ll never have to tell another one. Every eCheck transaction creates a record you can track and confirm so won’t be left wondering if your payment arrived on time.


    Transcend Pay eCheck Processing

    Our revolutionary payment processing technology allows you to manage electronic check payments quickly and easily for both low-risk merchant accounts and high-risk merchant accounts. Whether you’re using our dedicated merchant gateway portal, integrating your existing payment system with our robust API, or installing the Tpay portal on your website, Transcend Pay has the payment processing solutions to make your eCheck transactions easier than ever.

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