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The Payment Dashboard and Reports You’ve Been Waiting For

Making the right decisions that will enable your business to grow is challenging under the best of circumstances. Without accurate, real-time data on your electronic transactions, you could be reacting to what was happening a month ago rather than what’s impacting your bottom line right now. With Tboards and Tview Reports, you get an online, real-time view of every datapoint within the Transcend Pay processing platform presented in an intuitive, easy-to-digest format that lets you make business decisions more effectively.

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How Tboards and Tview Reports Work

Your merchant payment gateway gathers a tremendous amount of financial data that can tell you quite a bit about how your business is performing. Tview Reports give you the ability to organize that data into informational summaries and generate pre-defined or customizable reports to track your key transaction metrics.

A full suite of online reporting tools, Tview Reports can save time and increase efficiencies when it comes to managing your online transactions. Select key transaction details over any period of time, all the way down to the cardholder level for all card types, to reconcile transactions and research records to find out more about where your revenue is coming from, identify and reduce unnecessary fees, and check the status of your automated payments.

Having that much raw data at your disposal can be overwhelming. That’s why we developed Tboards, the data visualization platform that allows you to organize data with accessible charts and graphs to help you see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns. Thanks to Tboards, you can summarize and view your customized transaction data from Tview Reports in a more digestible visual format that makes it easier than ever to make rapid, well-informed decisions for your business.

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Getting Started with Tboards and Tview Reports

As an experienced payment processing partner, we know that trust and transparency are key to building a strong relationship with our customers. Whether you’re a low-risk merchant looking for the most secure payment processing solution or a high-risk merchant facing significant regulatory scrutiny, you need up-to-the-second data to make sure your business is always on the right path to success.

That’s why we designed Tboards and Tview Reports to work seamlessly with our payment processing platform and put every single piece of data that passes through your merchant gateway at your fingertips. We don’t try to force-feed you information that’s not relevant to your business or hide your transaction data behind confusing layers of spreadsheets. With the power of Tboards and Tview, you choose what information you want to see in your reports and how you want to see it.

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Experience the Future of Payment Processing

It’s part of our commitment to putting power back in our customers’ hands when it comes to payment processing solutions. That same commitment is why we provide no-reserve high-risk merchant accounts and never charge your business hidden or surprise fees for our payment processing services. Discover how Tboards and Tview Reports can help you transcend your competitors today.

Experience the Future of Payment Processing with Transcend Pay.

  • No reserve requirements.
  • No hidden processing fees.
  • Minimize risk with our extensive banking network.
  • Accept and deliver payments quickly and easily.
  • We approve 99% of high-risk merchant accounts.
  • Same-day pre-approvals.

Take Your Payment Processing to the Next Level

We’re ready to help your business transcend the competition when it comes to payment processing.