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Seamlessly integrate your existing payment solution to the Transcend Platform.

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An Easy to Use, Customizable, and Secure API Solution

Already have a payment solution for your online or omnichannel retail business, but wish you had a better option when it comes to payment processing? Now you can have the best of both worlds thanks to our REST API connection and toolkit. A full-stack, SaaS payment processing interface, the powerful REST API allows you to easily integrate a variety of payment processing services throughout your existing platform without having to rearchitect your front or back-end from the ground up.

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How the REST API Works

The REST API provides merchants with a direct connection to the robust Transcend Pay processing platform. With so many payment solutions available on the market, we wanted to develop a toolkit that allowed merchants to seamlessly integrate their existing solution into our payment gateway to help them get to market faster.

As a full-stack solution, the REST API can easily integrate a wide range of payment functionality with just a snippet of code. Our API documentation provides sample code to help reduce your development time and expense, while the REST API’s sandbox accounts, validation environment, and testing devices ensure a smooth integration process to get you back to processing payments as quickly as possible.

Once your payment solution is connected to the Transcend Pay platform through the REST API, you can customize your online portal to meet your exact business and networking needs. From built-in payment data to reporting tools, we give you everything you need to customize the look, feel, and functionality of your integrated payment processing solution.

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Getting Started with the REST API

Whether your business needs to integrate retail, eCommerce, mobile, or back office payment solutions, the REST API can provide the functionality and value-added services you need to simplify your payment processing and streamline the development of products and services. We provided technical resources to help you complete your integration quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to Transcend Pay’s REST API, your business can connect your existing payment solution to our merchant gateway without the need to overhaul your IT systems. Once you’re integrated with our payment processing platform, you can finally say goodbye to restrictive reserve requirements and hidden fees.

Whether you’re a high-risk merchant looking for a payment processor who will give you a fair deal on your merchant account or a low-risk merchant looking to expand your processing capabilities, Transcend Pay is here to help you rise above the competition.

Experience the Future of Payment Processing with Transcend Pay.

  • No reserve requirements.
  • No hidden processing fees.
  • Minimize risk with our extensive banking network.
  • Accept and deliver payments quickly and easily.
  • We approve 99% of high-risk merchant accounts.
  • Same-day pre-approvals.

Take Your Payment Processing to the Next Level

We’re ready to help your business transcend the competition when it comes to payment processing.