Transcend Pay Platform

An all-in-one payment processing platform as a service for your business.

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Fast, Easy, Transparent Payment Processing

Our comprehensive payment processing platform has been designed from the ground-up to simplify complex payment processes, integrating all stakeholders in a single (omnichannel) platform, and delivering secure end-to-end payment management. Whether you’re a sole-proprietary start-up, an established multi-national enterprise, or somewhere in-between, the Transcend Pay Platform can deliver the omnichannel payment services you need to unleash your revenue potential.

With our all-in-one processing solution, you get complete visibility into all payment data related to your merchant account through a single pane of glass. Identify trends and streamline operations to help your business scale seamlessly to take advantage of new opportunities. 

Connect to our versatile payment processing infrastructure on your terms to start accepting payments and disbursing funds to your customers today. No hidden fees. No burdensome reserve requirements for high-risk merchants. No complicated implementation.

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One Platform, a World of Possibility

In a rapidly changing environment fraught with risk, Transcends Payment Platform brings streamlined processes and security. We give you the tools you need to connect your merchant account to our processing infrastructure on your terms.

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Transcend Pay Web Portal

Thanks to our easy-to-use web portal, you can log in from any browser to gain complete access to your payment processing options and historical data. With no set-up or installation necessary, it’s the fastest way to review your merchant account and take advantage of our payment gateway services to accept payments or disburse funds.

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Transcend Pay API

Already have an eCommerce platform in place? We can make it better. Thanks to our robust API, you can easily connect your existing system to our payment processing infrastructure to expand your capabilities.

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Tpay Integration

Our revolutionary Tpay website integration installs on your site within minutes to connect you to every feature of our payment processing platform. Start accepting online payments and access your merchant account data right away without any complicated coding or programming.

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Tboards and Tview Reports

Data is power in today’s fast-paced economy. That’s why our payment processing platform delivers real-time information about your merchant account, allowing you to track performance, evaluate your cash flow, and monitor transactions throughout the payment process.

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Transcend Mobile Processing

Thanks to virtual credit card technology, you can connect to your customers through the Transcend Pay Platform anytime, anywhere. Disburse funds and accept payments with a white-label mobile application that’s branded with your company name and logo and backed by the power of our payment processing infrastructure.

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Instant Bank Account Validation

Establishing a person’s identity is essential for reducing risk and avoiding payment fraud. With the Transcend Pay Platform’s bank account validation tool, you can easily establish account ownership, check financial obligations, verify borrowers’ identities, check current balance and account status in real-time, and verify assets digitally to instantly authenticate accounts.

Unlock Your Revenue Potential with the Transcend Pay Platform

Whether you’re a low-risk or high-risk merchant, the Transcend Pay Platform can connect you to a brand new world of payment processing possibilities. Don’t settle for a restrictive merchant account when you can access our dynamic payment gateway in the way that best suits your business. However you choose to connect to the Transcend Pay Platform, we promise to deliver the most reliable and transparent payment processing services in the industry. 

  • No reserve requirements. 
  • No hidden processing fees.
  • Connect via a web portal, Tpay integration, or robust API.
  • Accept and deliver payments quickly and easily.
  • Real-time visibility into all merchant account data.
  • We approve 99% of high-risk merchant accounts.
  • Same-day pre-approvals.

Take Your Payment Processing to the Next Level

We’re ready to help your business transcend the competition when it comes to payment processing.