Transcend Pay's Next Level Payment Processing

Do you know how much your payment processor is costing your business?

Whether it’s processing fees or high-risk merchant account reserves, most payment processing services end up taking a significant bite out of your revenue. Taking credit card payments may be essential for your business, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for merchant account providers that cripple your ability to grow.

With Transcend Pay’s FREE Cost Analysis Audit, you get a detailed overview of just how much of your revenue is going toward merchant fees and reserves. With nothing more than one processing statement, we help you identify the “middle-men” your processor is using to connect you to your customers (and how much they’re costing you!).

We’ll also put together a comparison proposal to show you what you could be saving with Transcend Pay’s all-in-one merchant gateway solutions. There’s no obligation or cost to you, just opportunity.

How Much are Merchant Fees and Reserves Costing You?