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Payment Processing
Imagine being able to collect payments, originate loans, and disburse funds from anywhere, at any time. Does this sound like near-future technology? Believe it or not, the future is here with Transcend Pay’s mobile money transfer app! Money lenders and borrowers not only need a more efficient and convenient way to connect and streamline fund distribution and repayment, but also a secure one they can trust to protect themselves and their customers. With this app, you can privately and easily originate loans, disburse funds, and collect payments – all from the convenience of your mobile device.  So, ready to make repayments, request new loans, and receive funds instantly? Learn more about how our revolutionary mobile processing app can transform your business for the modern age!

What Does The Mobile Processing App Provide?

See what Transcend Pay’s mobile money transfer app can offer you! 

KYC & ID Check

Identity matters in today’s digital world. How can you be so sure about the identity of your customers? Any unease can be put to rest with the mobile money transfer app’s KYC and ID check security measures. All users must create an account that is in compliance with KYC procedures, so there is ultimate security protection. 

Instant Fund Disbursement

By using the mobile processing app, funds are typically available within minutes instead of the processing delays associated with traditional fund disbursements. So now you can achieve a more efficient, more customer-friendly fund distribution service – at the convenience of your mobile device! 

AI Underwriting

Machine learning algorithms can check for errors present information more thoroughly and efficiently than a human, delivering an essentially error-free system with improved accuracy and input. 


With just a few quick taps on your phone, you can issue mobile money transfer, disburse loans, and collect payments from anywhere, at any time. 

Push Notifications

Receive notifications about your latest transactions, activities, and actions for complete transparency, making it easier for you to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Virtual Credit Cards and How they Work

So, how does the Transcend Pay mobile money transfer app work? The app uses a virtual credit card that allows you to instantly transfer funds and accept payments, regardless of your industry. The whole process is digitized, allowing it to be performed remotely  and through your mobile device.  While the app delivers funds and processes payments through the Visa and Mastercard networks, all users will work directly with you. Since the app integrates with your CRM, you can prioritize retention and engagement of your most responsible customers. Remember, no credit card account is required for them to use the app. After funds are disbursed to the virtual credit card, borrowers immediately start using the app to manage and repay their loans instantly. Plus, there are no extra fees or extra charges for you!

The White Label Solution 

As a white-label technology, Transcend’s mobile money transfer app can be branded with your company name, so you can not only provide customers with the most secure and accessible digital lending, but one with your name on it. When users log in to make a payment, it’s your branding they see and not a third party logo. This only strengthens the relationship between you and your customers, further expanding your brand.   With Transcend’s mobile processing app, you can build a dynamic mobile distribution channel to provide your customers with the most secure, convenient, and scalable fund distribution and processing experience available. 

Digital Credit and the Future of Direct Lenders

The future of lending is digitized. With Transcend’s mobile processing app, you can join the revolution into digital lending. Direct lending presents a powerful solution to create a system that is accessible and convenient for all users. For instance, digital credit is:
  • Efficient and easy, as users can transfer money to borrowers and collect payments 24/7/365. Once signed up, customers can start receiving and spending money instantly. 
  • Since everything is digitized, there is minimal paperwork involved.
  • Due to machine learning, the process is essentially error-free!
The use of digital lending platforms has been gaining momentum in recent years and looks like it will become an industry mainstay in the near future. Boston Consulting Group (BSG) noted that digital lending will be “a $1 trillion opportunity over the next five years.”  So, are you ready to take advantage of this exponentially growing market? Experience the future yourself with Transcends mobile processing app.

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